Our Team

Austin McAllister, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy 
Favorite Quote: " All things are difficult before they are easy." - Thomas Fuller

Austin chose Physical Therapy as a profession because of a strong desire to better understand the human body and to help people reach their movement goals.  Austin appreciates that each person presents to therapy with a complex puzzle of movement deficits and compensations that we get to unravel while helping them achieve their unique goals.  This process drives Austin to be a lifelong learner to best serve his clients and the physical therapy community.  He values the relationship he gets to build with each client so that he can understand their goals and what an active lifestyle means to them so that he can design the ideal treatment plan to facilitate their success.  

Austin chose to work at CORE Strategies because in his words, "we make patients a priority" and he's able to give his full attention to one patient each session.  CORE Strategies treatment framework also prioritizes movement analysis and Austin feels these techniques enable him to not only solve the immediate pain problem, but also allow him to optimize a client's movement success for years to come by solving the underlying drivers of pain and dysfunction.  The one thing he wishes everyone knew about CORE Strategies physical therapy, is that no two treatment plans are identical even for the same types of conditions.  Your body's movement patterns, injury history, and future demands are unique to you.  For this reason, we don't use generic treatment programs and instead devise a program unique to your body and your needs.  No two treatment plans are identical, even when treating people with the same condition.  

Austin loves working with patients of all ages and a vast array of conditions.  He particularly enjoys working with motivated clients who put in the work and time to reach their goals.  He notes, "the more engaged a client is in the rehabilitation program I've built, the easier it is for me to make minor pivots in the plan to optimize their results.  Therapy is a two-way street and if we both are doing our part, it gets easier to solve complex problems."

Austin grew up in Lenexa, KS. He obtained his undergraduate degree at KU in Lawrence, KS. He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from KU Medical Center. Running is a personal passion for Austin and he enjoys working with other runners.  In his spare time, he enjoys lifting weights, hiking, and taking is 2 large dogs on long walks.  Other passions include reading, playing guitar, and working on cars.  Austin is married and lives with his wife and 2 dogs in Overland Park, KS.  
Joe Stofferhan, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy 
Favorite Quote: " If you give someone a strong muscle, you strengthen them for a while.  If you teach them to strengthen and exercise correctly, you improve them for a lifetime."

Joe chose Physical Therapy as a profession after observing the impact on a patient's function and their families during a high school career development class.  Right then he knew PT was what he was meant to do, and he's moved forward with a passion for creating impact in the lives of all he serves.  Once he began practicing, he realized, not only does he impact the lives of his client, each client and their journey also has a huge impact on his life.  During his day, he loves educating patients to empower them during their exercises but also in their activities outside the clinic.  He chose CORE Strategies PT for the personalized care we give to each patient during their session and for the awesome colleagues he gets to work with each day who keep him laughing and growing. 

Joe loves the variety of patients he gets to see working at CORE Strategies PT.  He loves working with youth populations, treating balance disorders, and shoulder conditions.  The one thing he wishes everyone knew about the physical therapy is how many other conditions we treat.  Physical therapy is not just for post-operative care.  It does not always include lifting heavy weights.  Rather, a Doctor of Physical Therapy treats a wide array of conditions including orthopedic issues, neurological conditions, balance problems, dizziness, and many more.  No two conditions are treated the same and all programming is tailored to the unique needs of each individual.   

Joe grew up in Apple Valley, MN which is a southern suburb to the Twin Cities much like Overland Park is to KC. He obtained his undergraduate degree at St John's University in Collegeville, MN and earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  In his free time, Joe loves getting outside and playing sports.  His current interests include Pickleball, volleyball, disc golf, and golf.  He enjoys staying active, walking, and cross training endeavors to manage his own fitness.   
Ariana Domke, DPT, OCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist 
Favorite Quote: "Movement is Medicine"

Ariana chose Physical Therapy as a profession because she loved the idea of using exercise as medicine to optimize function.  She loves being a part of each patient's journey to overcome pain and functional deficits.  She chose to join the CORE Strategies team because we value one-on-one patient care, the overall clinic atmosphere, and for the caliber of our clinical team.  

Ariana loves treating orthopedic and vestibular conditions.  She loves treating people of all abilities, everyone from those experiencing generalized weakness to recreational athletes.  She has advanced vestibular training, is dry needling certified, and is one of the few board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists in the metro area.  Ariana wishes every person knew there is no pain or performance issue that is too small to address with physical therapy; if an issue is impacting your life physical therapy will help you perform at your best to do the things you love.   

Ariana grew up in Lansing, KS.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at Pittsburg State University and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Missouri State University.   She is very active in her own life.  She loves to work out, run, and play recreational sports.  When relaxing, you'll find her hanging with her 3 dogs and 1 cat.   
Lindsey Graham, DPT, OCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy 
Favorite Quote: "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."- Whinnie the Pooh

Lindsey chose Physical Therapy because she loves working directly with patients to help them regain function and get back to doing the activities they love.  As a physical therapist she loves being active at work and problem solving each case.  She is a lifelong learner and loves that she gets to build relationships with each client.  She joined the CORE Strategies physical therapy team because she feels we value each patient, maintain the highest quality of one-on-one patient care, and we have an amazing team of co-workers all dedicated to performing at the highest level in our industry.  

As a mom herself, Lindsey loves working with other moms.  She has 3 young kids and can definitely relate to the aches and pains of motherhood.  She also loves treating both ankle and hand injuries.  She is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist and also dry needling certified.  She wishes every person realized they don't actually have to be in pain to benefit from physical therapy.  Physical therapists play a huge role in injury prevention and optimizing movement health for people of all abilities.  

Lindsey grew up in St. Louis, MO. She went to Eckerd College for her undergraduate degree in Biology. She then earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Rockhurst University.  Her young family keeps her busy.  She has three girls ages 4.5, 2.5 and 8 months.  She loves being active herself and teaching her children about what an active lifestyle looks like.  She is an avid runner and makes time to go for a morning run with a group of moms.  Fun fact, Lindsey has run a marathon in 30 different states and her goal is to run one in all 50 states.  She also loves playing at the park with her kids, going for walks, exercise classes, reading personal development books, and meditating.  
Jennifer Caswell, PT, DPT
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Favorite Quote: "Great things never came from comfort zones." "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."  "I can and I will."  "Don't look back, you're not going that way." "The work you do today determines where you will be tomorrow."

Danielle Debbrecht, PT, DPT, OCS
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist 
Favorite Quote: "Success is not a destination, but a journey to the future."

Danielle chose Physical Therapy as a profession early in life when her dad sustained a serious crush injury to his hand.  He was a self-employed mechanic and when surgeons recommended amputation, her dad refused until a hand specialist agreed to attempt a reconstruction.  Danielle watched her dad commit to months of rehabilitation and helped with his home passive range of motion exericses.  Watching her dad put in the work to recover full function inspired her to pursue PT as a profession.  Years later, she would experience a traumatic ski injury of her own.  She applied the lessons she learned from her dad and from a career of physical therapy patients to navigate her own injury.

Danielle cofounded CORE Strategies Physical Therapy in 2007. Danielle currently manages clinical development for the CORE Strategies team and works on initiatives to expand the use of technology in our capacity to serve our community. Danielle taught movement analysis for a worldwide continuing education company, she brings her expertise and teaching experience to the CORE Strategies PT team. Danielle also lectures for physical therapy programs and dental professionals regarding her innovative work in the management of TMJ related pain and dysfunction. 

Movement analysis is Danielle's passion and she uses it for rehabiliation, injury prevention, and performance optimization programming.  Additional skills include Pilates training, ergonomics certifications, Titleist Performance Institute for golf, elite sports screenings, dry needling and diagnostic Ultrasound imaging.  Throughout her career she has used her performance optimization skills to serve both recreational and professional athletes; however, she is most passionate about serving individuals who feel they have falling through the cracks elsewhere and those who suffer chronic recurrent pain syndromes.  It is this passion that guided some of the founding principles of CORE Strategies PT and our committment to understand the impact of pain on movement, how to diagnose movement impairments, and how to build multi-factorial treatment programs to restore optimum movement health for people of all ages and abilities.  

Danielle grew up in Wichita, KS. She studied Exercise Science at The University of Kansas, earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center, and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Evidence in Motion.  In her free time, you will find her getting outside to recharge.  She absolutely loves travel, hiking, biking, paddling, sightseeing, and experiencing all the world has to offer.  
Michelle Ahern
Front Office Clinical Coordinator
Favorite quote: “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.”- Aesop

Michelle joins the Core Team as our front office coordinator after working with patients in neurology for over 35 years.  She was ready to leave the big corporate medical practice for a private practice setting that fosters a different level of connection.  She loves working with patients in a more personal setting, building relationships, and helping clients find the best care needed for their health success. Michelle is the happy face that greets all clients upon arrival to our clinic and over the phone.  

Michelle grew up in Grandview, MO. She graduated from UMKC with her bachelor's degree. She lives in Lee’s Summit with her husband. She enjoys traveling to see her 2 adult children, and her extended family whenever possible. She also enjoys volunteering for the Lee’s Summit North Robotics Team and BSA Scout Troop 220. 
Beth Monger
Billing Coordinator

We Help People Be More Active and Mobile... 
Do the Things You Love and Perform at Your Best!

Our Story

In the fall of 2006 our founders, Danielle Debbrecht and Jennifer Caswell, were in Colorado for a continuing education course followed by a day of hiking.  During that trip they conceptualized what would become CORE Strategies Physical Therapy.  We opened our doors in April 2007.  To this day, our founders are trail blazers moving CORE Strategies and the physical therapy community forward.  

At CORE Strategies PT we specialize in movement analysis to help our clients perform at their best.  We identify the impairments within your system that are limiting your movement options.  After identifying faulty patterns, muscle imbalances, tissue restrictions, strength deficits, and changes in your nervous system we design specialized treatment plans to restore optimum function.  We get you back to doing the things you love doing.  
As a company, CORE Strategies Physical Therapy is always looking for ways we can expand how we serve our community.  Each level of innovation within our company was driven by solving problems for our clients.  You can rest assured that we are not done yet; we will continue to blaze a trails for years to come.  We invite you to join us on the adventure. 

How You Move Matters...

At CORE Strategies Physical Therapy, we love helping people of all ages live life to the fullest.  This means actively doing what you love without reliance on pain killers, surgeries, and without fear holding you back.  If you have experienced chronic or recurrent pain you know the fear present when low back, neck, shoulder or knee pain strikes.  Many hope it will just "go away on its own" with rest and medications, however that is most often not the case.  In fact, when left untreated the core issue causing your pain can worsen and cause greater severity of pain and disability. 

Many people feel confused and skeptical when it comes to finding solutions for musculoskeletal pain.  They have received advice from health professionals that require prolonged rest or worse yet giving up the activities they love.  Many have suffered through the false hopes provided by surgeries, pain management injections, massage therapists, chiros and maybe even other physical therapists, all with claims of being able to resolve their pain.  Yet, for many people the results have been temporary or marginal at best.  That is because lasting results are only achieved with active strategies to restore your movement options.  Our team is passionate about increasing the active strategies for movement available to your body. 

We help people just like you break the cycle of pain, overcome frustrations, and get back to living your best life.  We are here to tell you, rest is not the solution, pain medications or injections are not the solution, and surgeries are not the solution either.  While these  strategies can decrease pain temporarily, they are not a solution.  The solution to your pain lies in restoring the balance in your movement system. Understanding pain related changes in your body and how to regain balance is what we do best.  Not only can we diagnose the multiple facets of your problem, but we will also build a custom training plan and help you learn to manage your condition now and into the future.  Consider us your partner in the most efficient and effective way to optimize how you move through life.     

Our CORE Values...


Be a Hero

Heros come in many forms.  Our distinguished physical therapy team go above and beyond when guiding clients through the training process.  We understand how challenging pain and functional limitatons are. Our team is dedicated to helping each client navigate the journey to optimum function while empowering them to be their own health hero. You can achieve all that you want and more!  Our heroes will show you how!


Blaze a Trail

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  
Are you tired of spending time and money on traditional physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, personal training, medications and/or rest without the lasting results you desire?
At CORE Strategies we use a proprietary diagnostic process to help you achieve lasting results.  
If you want different results, it's time to blaze a trail with us. 


Choose Your Destination

Are you like many people who deal with issues as they come up never really having a plan of where they want their movement health to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now?  Recurrence of musculoskeletal pain is the most costly health issue in our nation; it costs more than cancer, diabetes and health disease combined.  How are you leveraging your resources to monitor and manage your movement health?  
Our movement specialists can help you implement strategies that empower you to choose your destination such that you live an active and mobile life for decades to come.    
Collaborative Approach
We value collaboration. Our team actively collaborates with each other on challenging cases to ensure you achieve the desired success.  

Movement is Medicine
HOW YOU MOVE MATTERS!  Using our movement analysis process, we will identify the "weak links" in your movement and use corrective exercise to teach you HOW to move better. We'll put you in the driver's seat to reaching your full potential now and into all future endeavors.

Innovative Experts
Our dedicated, highly educated, and compassionate team share a drive to achieve excellence. We never quit learning and take a personal responsibility for helping you attain success. We're industry leaders and use an evidence-based, innovative and progressive approach to analyzing and fixing movement.  It's a natural instinct for our experts to consider the big picture and think of your future when planning your treatment. Getting to the cause of the problem and working tirelessly to restore function while also preventing future recurrence is what we do.

Continuum of Care
You can access our system through physical therapy, sport performance or medical fitness services and you'll hear consistent messaging from our team. This continuity reinforces key messages critical to your success, empowers you to take control of your outcomes, and allows our team to move you seamlessly through our programs based on your unique needs.

Comprehensive Approach
We don't simply treat the symptoms; we treat the whole person. It starts with a dedication to understanding your unique history, current needs and future goals. We provide one-on-one care and customize every treatment plan to you; one size does not fit all when it comes to client programs. We're committed to providing you the most cost effective and efficient solution to unlocking your full potential.

Education is Power
You play a critical role in your success. We'll educate you about your injury, your body, your movement and/or your performance barriers to ensure you understand why your problem occurred, how the corrective program we prescribe will resolve the underlying cause, and how to prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.
Through education, the care you receive at CORE lasts longer than your final session in our facility. We empower our clients to create positive change in their life, health, and performance.

A Company You Can Trust
Service is our product, and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our success hinges on the trust of our clients. We're proud our business is built on client-driven referrals.
Your trust in referring your friends and family is the ultimate validation that we're accomplishing our mission.

Our Mission
The mission of CORE Strategies Physical Therapy, Sport Performance and Medical Fitness is to deliver compassionate care and lasting results for musculoskeletal conditions by evaluating the whole person, identifying the core problem and implementing treatment strategies tailored to each individual's specific needs.

Our Vision 
The vision of CORE Strategies Physical Therapy, Sport Performance and Medical Fitness is to be recognized by clients, health care professionals and the community as the therapy, performance and fitness provider of choice for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and the prevention of impairments, functional limitation and disabilities related to movement, function and health. We aim to cultivate relationships such that CORE customers view us as a resource they can trust for lifelong health and wellness. We strive to inspire all therapists and movement specialists to raise the standard of care provided by our professions with dedication to the advancement of knowledge.  

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